Deeply rooted in the wine industry, we maintain meaningful relationships with customers that will grow your sales, profits, and brand loyalty.


We’re the premier telesales & consulting service for wineries operating in California. By leveraging our knowledge of wine marketing and sales practices, we elevate your brand above the rest and grow relationships with your top customers. You bottle a premium wine, and we make sure those bottles stay stocked in your customer’s cellar.


You’ve done the work to find the right customers, and we’ll help you build on those relationships to drive sales and growth for your winery.

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We Maintain Close Connections With Your Wine Club Members By Becoming Their Personal Consultant.
We help you build stronger relationships with club members and customers that act as a recurring revenue stream to sell more wine. Reduce your reliance on wholesalers and distributors and sell direct at higher margins than you’ve ever imagined.


We grow your business through our strategic telesales campaigns.

We secure higher profit margins for your business through Direct-To-Consumer sales campaigns with your club members and mailing list. Distributors, retailers and wholesalers, all take a 50% cut of profits for the services they provide; instead, sell Direct to Consumers through our telesales service and secure higher profit margins for yourself.


Outsource Telesales And Let Us Act As A Counterpart Of Your In-house Sales And Hospitality Team.
Through extensive research on your brand, messaging, and key differentiators, our sales reps will act as an extension of your in-house team to build relationships and sell your product direct to consumer. We’re experts in building rapport with wine connoisseurs and managing existing relationships with a large client list.


We Place The Same Standard Of Care On Ourselves That You’ve Come To Expect From Your In-house Team.

When connecting with your list of clients, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and care. Our customer service team treats everyone as an equal and we do what we can to ensure that your brand maintains a positive association in every client’s mind.


By avoiding wholesalers we’re able to keep your profit margins higher.

Our calls are warm, personalized and about the customer.

We work as a extension  of your in-house sales team by being your Counterpart.